Ferry Corsten confirms: Gouryella returns with “Orenda”

Ferry Corsten is about to surprise us again by resurfacing his legendary alias

It was probably expected from the end of last year, when the Rotterdam legend, with a photo from his studio on social media, had clearly hinted that a new track was coming under his most famous historical alias: Gouryella.

And tonight, after a few days of short frames in which Ferry Corsten gradually leaked the name of the new track, we confirm that the Gouryella project will return on Friday 4th June with the new “Orenda”:

Since the alias resurrected in 2015 with the epic “Anahera” (“Tune Of The Year” in A State Of Trance and one of the best trance track ever created of recent years), Ferry Corsten has done nothing but channel trance hits. with incredible masterpieces: “Neba” (2016) “Venera – Vee’s Theme” (2017) and “Surga” (2019) which absolutely did not make us regret the many masterpieces written at the end and beginning of the last millennium with Tiësto, always with the alias Gouryella.

From the short announcement trailer, are recognized the epic and dreamy atmospheres of the project, we can hypothesize a new track in the wake of “Anahera”, but any similarity will be there or not, we are sure that Ferry Corsten will release a new epic trance track.

Ferry Corsten therefore expands this stellar 2021 for his career with further trance hits, thanks to important collaborations and of course the launch of his new radio show Resonation Radio.

All that remains is to wait for June 4th, it’s close !

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