Aly & Fila and JES together again symbolize the love for the historical trance sound with “Sunrise”

Not only uplifting sound: Aly & Fila with JES release a new dreamy trance track after the 2019 collaboration

Aly & Fila certainly need no introduction: since 15 years the leaders of Future Sound Of Egypt label, have been receiving acclaim from trance fans all over the world, thanks to records that have now become historic (“We Control The Sunlight” (feat. Jwaydan ) “Somebody Loves You” (feat. Plumb) “It’s All About The Melody” just to name a few), becoming a reference point for lovers of uplifting trance, characterized by a sound that travels from 138 beats to minutes, dreamy voices, atmospheric pauses and enthusiastic explosions.

Although they have remained constant in the trance style with which they sign their hits, from time to time the duo composed of Aly Amr Fatalla and Fadi Wassef Naguib – as only great artists are able to do – have come out of their schemes, publishing collections (The album “The Chill Out” in 2014, for example) or collaborating with other artists on a more progressive genre: above all, the collaboration with Paul Thomas is a clear example.

However, the partnership with the well-known American singer, – 3 Time Grammy Nominated – JES (Jes Briden) is back to being talked about thanks to the publication, in the compilation “A State Of Trance 2021” released in these days, moreover, already listened to during some last live sets of the Egyptian duo, of a new track together, entitled “Sunrise”:

The song has not yet been officially released as a single (Aly & Fila are in fact in promotion with the launch of “Hymn Of Hope” with Denis Rivera to be released on June 4th) and it’s not yet clear if a official release like single is planned, but it’s already worthy of mention as it incorporates the sophisticated atmospheres and the elaborate sound of the late and early millennium trance.

This experiment had already happened with JES last year for “I Won’t Let You Fall”: an “old style” trance track played for the first time in 2019 and initially released as “Uplifting Mix” (adapted with their sound canons), and only later as the original version of the track, during last 2020.

“Sunrise” is a journey trance track that gives a timeless dream that JES masterfully consecrates, thanks to his unmistakable and now legendary voice: one of those tracks that we could have heard in the vinyl DJ sets of a few years ago or inside of famous trance compilations … at sunrise.

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