Armin van Buuren chooses Sander Van Doorn for his new collaboration

This time it is this unreleased Dutch duo that churns out a new anthem for the ASOT 1000.

The immense work behind the twenty-year musical trance event is giving us a continuous roundup of unreleased songs over the weeks, all of which are exclusive collaborations with successful producers for Armin van Buuren. After the amazing work with Tom Starr, this time it’s the turn of Sander van Doorn, the Eindhoven-based producer after releasing an exhilarating remix of “Show Me Love”, this time he sat in the studio with Armada‘s godfather for “Jonson’s Play”.

This song that fully incorporates the musical traits of the two Dutch producers is an explosive progressive melodic journey that will undoubtedly be repeated in the long trance evenings that await us this summer. It is also really important to underline the news recently from the Dutch government which confirmed the authorization to hold musical events. News we have been waiting for for over a year now.What is now missing from this event is the list of leading DJs that we are waiting for soon, to return to dream and hope, perhaps to see some surprising names on the Utrecht stage.

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