Dreamstate South California: another epic event coming in November

The team of the biggest american trance event has worked hard to bring huge festivals to the USA and beyond this fall

Dreamstate flag now stands tall and symbolizes what the American team has managed to bring to the new continent for some years into the trance scene: among the first to be back again in the presence of the public on May 28th with an event in Las Vegas (where they saw each other playing names of the caliber of Cosmic Gate, Gabriel & Dresden, Gareth Emery, Jerome Isma-Ae, Paul Oakenfold and HALIENE), week by week they are announcing more and more relevant trance events around the USA and not only that: an incredible date in Poland, at the Gliwice Arena, has been scheduled for some time on next October 30th.

To back up the emotional wave of events, the team led by Insomniac confirmed an event announced late last year in the motherland, in Southern California, for November 19th and 20th with an incredible line up of artists already announced !

This stage seems to be the spearhead of this series of events that Dreamstate has put in place since the post covid, an organization that believed in it from the beginning to try to bring live music back to the top. Unlike the other years where he used to observe a single, stratosferred board with a myriad of artists present, this time the suspense is caracterized by the presentation of the artists in stages, we are three for now and who knows if there will be no more in the coming days , but knowing the high numbers of guests is very likely.

We are pretty sure that other names will take over in the following weeks but reading certain names already puts a lot of adrenaline, a mixture of the artists of the moment, old glories or even rebirths. Dreamstate always offers everything to enhance nostalgics and young trancers !

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