Dutch artists united in peaceful protest for “Unmute Us”

A large peaceful march will take place on Saturday 21st August in some of the largest Dutch cities to protest the latest government decisions

The regret for the postponement of the celebrations of A State Of Trance 1000 in Jaarbeurs Utrecht, which was supposed to take place next 3 and 4 September, was clearly evident in the eyes and in the words of Armin van Buuren, who was the first to communicate that the the long-awaited event would no longer take place in the next few weeks but rather, in February of next year.

And in fact, bitterness and above all, fear of an uncertain future still reigns for events and festivals in the Netherlands, at the moment, until 20 September, only allowed outdoors and with no more than 750 people.

Restrictions too severe to allow almost all festivals to take place: and so today even the organizers of the most important all-round Dutch dance music event, the Amsterdam Dance Event, announce that they are joining the peaceful event “Unmute Us” to be held in some of the major Dutch cities, showing their disappointment:

ADE is scheduled from 13 to 17 October 2021 but there is a strong concern for the possible new postponement of the event, as happened for the ASOT 1000, Mysteryland and many other festivals in The Netherland that had to be canceled or postponed a few days or weeks from the scheduled dates.

The artists ask why abroad, with the same vaccination rate, such events are allowed and in Holland they are not, without a clear perspective, from the event website:

“” Unmute Us! “Is absolutely in favor of continuing these large-scale sporting events, from football to Formula 1 (70,000 visitors per day and many thousands of visitors to the surrounding campsites and catering squares). that the pressure on healthcare will not grow exponentially as a result. “Unmute Us!” therefore believes that the government should put an end to the double standard. Let the festivals and other events continue as well.

We are quickly heading for a vaccination coverage of 85 percent of the adult population and on September 1 everyone who wants to can be vaccinated. If events at peak vaccination rates still can’t take place, when will they? After all, the industry has proven through Fieldlab events that this can be done very safely, even with a lower vaccination rate. Various large-scale events and festivals have already taken place abroad. The numbers don’t lie. The Serbian health authority has confirmed that no corona outbreak has been detected at Exit Festival (180,000 visitors). In the United States, only 203 people (0.05%) were infected at Lollapalooza (385,000 visitors). In neighboring Belgium, events of 75,000 visitors are now allowed again, nota bene based on the results of the Dutch Fieldlab studies. It is indigestible that the industry that produced these results has been locked up for 1.5 years with no prospect of reopening. “

More info: unmute-us.mailchimpsites.com/

How to reconcile government apprehensions of a pandemic with the need for artists, who have been preparing shows for months ? Whatever the answer, artists now want certainties about the fate of their projects, obviously without minimizing or neglecting what still remains today, an emergency that was hardly imaginable until recently. We will be with heart with you for the Dutch streets on Saturday.

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