Above & Beyond embrace again their Anjunafamily at ABGT 450 !

After two years, the most important live of the Above & Beyond’s radio show, allowed the participation of fans at The Drumsheds London

We broke up in October 2019, at the O2 Arena in Prague for the Group Therapy 350, a few months earlier of the total darkness of live music due to the pandemic and the endless hopes of returning to normal life, interrupted a year ago from the celebrations of the 400th episode and 20 years of Anjunabeats in the solitude of the trio along The Rives Thames.

Today, on the evening of September 4, 2021, finally a ray of light, the ABGT 450 was consumed in London again and it was possible to organize it not without difficulty with the fear of a return of the pandemic (it was in fact initially scheduled for August 14th and 15th), but the British government, together with vaccinations and to the obligation of the Green Pass, has guaranteed the carrying out of this event.

The wait for this event was really great and did not disappoint, special guests already announced for some time and who gave their all with massive playlists and personal repertoires, among all Genix, gardenstate and Ilan Bluestone in great shape, in addition to Marsh, Trance Wax, Amy Wiles and Pretty Pink, all impressed in exciting an emotion-hungry audience for some time.

But the adrenaline was for them, for the hosts who at this event have always had the task of bringing new works or the best to be released on Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep. A new remix by Kyau & Albert of “Counting Down The Days” opens their set and in reality, as can be seen from the title, an intro born on purpose as a dedication to remember the long awaited break for the pandemic. There was a particular expectation for the productive speech for Above & Beyond, on a hypothetical indication or signal of a new album, and in addition to the recently released single “Almost Home” (feat. Justine Suissa), which was played at the end of the event, the the second track played really impressed and seems to confirm a progressive and break genre, apparently thanks to the collaboration with the gardenstate and an indissoluble voice of Marty Longstaff:

1001tracklists Above & Beyond @ ABGT 450, The Drumsheds London, United Kingdom 2021-09-04

The playlist of their two hour DJ set confirm the excellent moment of Elevven, the American duo is loading their repertoire with excellent remixes, the new works by Maor Levi and Oliver Smith also take up space among news.

Waiting to see again the full event in streaming, today is marked by the Anjunadeep Open Air always at The Drumsheds London with a range of deep and progressive house artists from Anjunadeep label:

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