“FOREVER” by Armin van Buuren it’s a dedication of love to the trance world, the review:

Armin van Buuren explores all the colours of trance music in this highly anticipated album of collaborations

A new compilation ? A brand new album ? Something more ! “A State Of Trance FOREVER” is out today but we have known many of the twelve tracks for some time: Armin van Buuren last night, during episode 1032 of A State Of Trance, presenting the last four tracks that had not yet been released, explained how this album was composed “in great secrecy” during last year’s lockdown, collaborating with some of the most important figures of the genre and also with new emerging trance artists, with a view to the celebrations, now postponed on next 18 & 19 February 2022, for the ASOT 1000.

As we know, the king of A State Of Trance radioshow has not limited himself only to the trance genre for several years, “extending an arm” to the mainstream and the various shades of EMD and pop music, but at the same time remaining faithful to the project that has undoubtedly made him the world reference figure in trance.

Have you already listened to “A State Of Trance FOREVER” ? Here is our review on this new album:

“Turn The World Into A Dancefloor (A State Of Trance 1000 Anthem)”: the anthem created specifically for the twenty years of A State Of Trance radioshow is just the latest in a series of songs that Armin van Buuren offers every year for celebrate the world tour of A State Of Trance: Armin’s intent is felt to want to enclose all the epicity of many years of music in a single track and between a piano turn and fantastic rhythms, the song seems to achieve this intent: we hope to dance it next February in the big stages of Jaarbeurs Utrecht then !

“Divino” (with Maor Levi): one of the icons of Anjunabeats label collaborated with Armin for this fantastic progressive-trance track that reminds us, in the pauses and in that longed-for vocal, some massive historical collaboration across The Channel; the trance climbs perfectly up to an energetic, almost euphoric, restart: we love it !

“Jonson’s Play” (with Sander van Doorn): Sander van Doorn’s big-room and techno-trance sound meets the trance universe of Armin van Buuren and “Jonson’s Play” comes slowly, but explodes with a truly exceptional riff: it is impossible not to imagine the crowd getting excited by this fantastic track !

“The Greater Light To Rule The Night” (with Rank 1): definite as the follow up to “This World Is Watching Me” from 2007, this collaboration actually traces more the Rank 1 sounds of the last ten years rather than recalling the old collaboration with Armin van Buuren: the sound of this track, in any case, it’s always the main road to those who are only now approaching the trance genre.

“Sirius” (with AVIRA): The exploit obtained last year with the three tracks “The Mask”, “Hollow” and “Illusion” convinced the two artists to propose a new collaboration, going to recover an old instrumental record from 1982 by Alan Parson Project, “Sirius” precisely: after the famous refrain and the electric guitar round, like a wave arrives all the trance and the progressive “paraphernalia” of the two artists: two fantastic drops with which it is difficult to stay still.

“Sonata” (with Paul Oakenfold): What happens when the king of Dutch trance meets one of the icon of dance made in the UK ? “Sonata” was exactly what we expected, or a brilliant track, characterized by a rhythm that runs away faster and faster until the chorus in tripleted: a succession of sounds that ends in a euphoric march, congrats legends !

“For All Time” (with Aly & Fila feat. Kazi Jay): the collaboration that was missing and that many were waiting for came thanks to the album “FOREVER”: in “For All Time” you meet all the elements that can make a track … a trance masterpiece: a beautiful voice that rises below the bass drum hits typical of Aly & Fila and which then rests on the uplifting riff that gives the track the definitive euphoric essence of the genre.

“Let Go” (with Tom Staar feat. Josha Daniel): Tom Staar in the last year has often come across trance productions and collaborations and already last year for “Still Better Off” he had the opportunity to collaborate with Armin: “Let Go” is an explosive progressive-trance / big room track, characterized by dark atmospheres (Josha Daniel’s vocal is purposely too): the release of the drop renders the powerful intention of the track well.

“In The Dark You Shine” (with Push): “Pound” / “Introuder” are the two tracks with which Amrin van Buuren and M.I.K.E. Push teamed up in 2004: the new “In The Dark You Shine” can for all intents and purposes be definitive as an authentic follow-up, with all the epic, fast and iconic trance sound with which the Belgian DJ and producer made us dance in the past twenty four years.

“Lost In Space” (feat. Jorn van Deynhoven): Jorn van Deynhoven seemed to have turned off the lights on his career a year ago, but you can’t say no to Armin van Buuren and “Lost In Space”, although different from their sound, is an already memorable trance track: a real journey of pure trance with an exhilarating final chorus, in short, if the intent was to take us up into space, they succeeded, a track not to be missed for true lovers of pure trance sound !

“Magico” (with Giuseppe Ottaviani): The first collaboration released for this new album is between Armin van Buuren and one of the most popular producers of the moment: “Magico” with Giuseppe Ottaviani is an electrifying track, which puts Armin’s fans and those of the Italian DJ in agreement and which reflects the current most popular trance sound.

“Home With You” (with Susana): Susana writes “Last year, when Armin van Buuren and I discussed doing a new collab we realized that the expectations were going to be high. ⁣⁣Instead of trying to top what we’ve done before, we decided to just work on something completely different!⁣. “Home With You” by Susana and Armin van Buuren is a song co-produced with Mark Otten, a magnificent downtempo ballad that perfectly closes this new album.

Do you think these tracks include the “Tune Of The Year 2021” ?

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