Paul van Dyk introduced new amazing track with Kolonie

Godfather of trance thrills us with a stellar sounding track

Time seems to have stopped for Paul van Dyk, after the great comeback on the scene a few years ago with three inedit studio album that catapulted us to his classic sound of the beginning of the millennium and made us rediscover a never tired talent.

Even today Paul produces at high rhythms, his latest remix of “Cafè Del Mar” had a great uproar, an icon remixed by practically everyone but pushed by the classic beat and the recognizable arpeggio made in Germany has made its mark in the playlists of recent times . Already with “Guiding Light” we had the opportunity to appreciate together with various collaborations, the successful intention to bring back to the track a pure and simple trance sound full of its sounds and which always seems to be perfect for the soul of the track.

And it is precisely with this characteristic that this musical giant is ready to announce his new work together with Kolonie, the English producer who to date has shot several labels returns to VANDIT and collaborates for this anthem.

“Wishful Thinking”, the title, was recently proposed to the last live of PvD of Transmission Prague on September 11th in a great euphoria, the break, the arpeggio and the chorus inevitably bring back the memory to works of his last two musical decades even if these are the ingredients that have consecrated the Berlin pillar. You can listen the track from the live of the Transmission in Prague, waiting for the official release on Friday 26 November:

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