Christina Novelli meets the legendary Sash! for “Walking The Wire”

The trance of the golden age meets one of the most beautiful voices of recent years

The German DJ and producer Sascha Lappessen is one of the legendary signatures of the first commercial trance: his project Sash!, In which also Ralf Kappmeier and Thomas Lüdke collaborate, has placed some legendary masterpieces between pure trance sound and Eurodance music, climbing to the top of the sales charts throughout Europe: songs like “Stay” (feat. La Trec), “Encore Une Fois”, “Adelante” and above all “Mysterious Times” (feat. Tina Cousin) have characterized the trance sound of the 90s.

After a few years of silence, Sash! has returned in recent months with the progressive house song “Coming Home” (feat. Shayne Ward), highlighting a newfound desire to return to the music scene. As if that weren’t enough, a few days ago news of an unprecedented b2b between the German DJ and one of the legendary icons of the trance of the last ten years: we are obviously talking about Christina Novelli.

This meeting between a trance milestone of the 90s and one of the most important voices of the new era of trance is news that fills us with joy, and on December 3rd will be released: Sash! feat. Christina Novelli – “Walking The Wire” !

From the preview, you can hear the typical sounds of the German DJ’s tracks, with that piano that rests perfectly on the flawless voice of Christina Novelli.

The English singer-songwriter has, among other things, gone through yet another important year of her career, with the definitive launch of her trance label Muse Music Records on which one of the most important tracks of this 2021 has been released: “My Guiding Light” feat. Richard Durand.

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