Gareth Emery’s musical restart begins with a new album

The British DJ and producer anticipates the release of this exclusive work by telling the particular context of how it was born.

The covid and the pandemic has literally changed the world, the way we are and do things. In the musical field we even went down into an abyss where we had the feeling of never getting out of it and making it really difficult to return to live shows.

Many producers have therefore taken refuge in their studios to try to compose something new or even get inspired by the negative moment to dedicate something positive, other DJs have understood that digital and streaming live would have been successful and so it was .

Gareth Emery instead sat down and started thinking. He understood that composing something club-like would be useless if this music could not have an outlet during a musical event. So he decided that this long hiatus would be ideal for returning to his musical origins. And what are the origins of a musical talent like Gareth’s? No lasers or astronomical pads, at least for the moment.

The upcoming work “Analog” explains what it means to go back to playing the real instruments. Guitar, piano and real drums are the instruments where the young Gareth learned to tame the musical instincts and that is why he himself makes it clear that this project can be loved or hated but it was necessary to do it. It will be really difficult to listen to a basic trance album, as he himself says, but there will be so many styles that will guarantee a work in the full philosophy of the Southampton DJ.

Some of his fans even praise a vinyl release and it would be really cool, in short, this new experience has everything to tell us and it will soon, a new chapter for Gareth is about to open, with a positive hope towards the future and an eye to the past. All ready for the summer .

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