Armin van Buuren meets Gareth Emery for a surprising “eurotrance” track

An incredible new collaboration enlivens the summer by evoking a lively trance sound

During last 2021, the Dutch trance king won us over with the twelve collaborations with big names of trance music included in the album “FOREVER”: twelve incredible tracks, each with a different style, but purely trance: in a world of music increasingly fast and mainstream and within a now legendary career made up of many styles of electronic music, Armin van Buuren makes sure not to neglect his origins, always leaving his mark on the trance scene.

As a further confirmation of what has been said, Armin van Buuren surprised us last night, during episode 1079 of A State Of Trance, announcing a new collaboration with a trance giant: “Forever & Always”, sung by Own City (“Youtopia” of 2010 with Armin van Buuren) is in fact the track to be released next August 12th in collaboration with Gareth Emery:

The English DJ and producer, one of the iconic trance characters of the last fifteen years, has recently announced the release of the album “Analog”, which sees him as the protagonist of a work with which he enjoyed exploring new sounds: born in times of full lockdown, Gareth explains that these new tracks were born from the question “Why make music for clubs, when there were no clubs to play it in ?“, also announcing that Analog will be his last artist album, but not specifying in any case, an immediate end of career.

The new “Forever & Always” surprises us not only for the two names combined, but also for the sounds used: a hilarious track that evokes the eurodance / hands up sound of the early 2000s mixed with trance atmospheres.

“Forever & Always” will be featured on Armin van Buuren’s album “Feel Again: Part 2” due out soon.

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