Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro is a collaboration that continues to excite !

The stainless trance duo comes together for the third time with the elegant Ukrainian voice for another breathtaking symphony

We had guessed for several weeks now that MOSAIIK part 2 was an album ready to officially declare itself, the summer season is leading us to the official announcement of this exciting new work, previously with “We Got The Fire” and “Follow You Anywhere” and now with a new crackling surprise.

MOSAIIK we can safely say that it marked by far the rebirth and confirmation of what is the great musical history of Nic and Bossi, a complete work in every detail, in every collaboration, with their unmistakable style mixed with small progressive evolutions / deep.

But the musical inspiration of Cosmic Gate was really too big and elevated to dwell on a single step, so this second part is ready to give us something unique again, and it starts from the symbolic voice of that album, Diana Miro who marks definitively a perfect partnership for the musical notes of the two Germans, after “Blame” but above all “Nothing To Hide” it is time for “Hear Me Out”, another goosebumps jewel to be released today.

Here too the emotions sink into a pure and hard progressive sound, once again we have the excellent crackling restart of the pad accompanied by its magical vocal break.

Cosmic Gate define with this song their second part of work, every time they take the words out of our mouth and make us dream … endlessly.

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