William Orbit’s touch on “Sun In Your Eyes” of Above & Beyond

Reworking that will be featured in new edition of “10 Years Of Group Therapy”, out on October 6th

When the album “Group Therapy” was released in 2011, there were so many successful extracts from this musical chapter of the British trio, like every work you always find a track with great potential but that has never had the success it deserves or that is not later released as a single. We are talking about “Sun In Your Eyes” which has had prominence in the years to come with several remixes, in particular the extremely perfect and synthetically trance work of Daniel Kandi, who together with his set and decisive beat has raised the qualities to very high levels of an exciting symphony. Despite this, the remix is not released as an excerpt anyway but gets huge prominence in several publications, starting with “20 Years Of Anjunabeats”.

But are we sure that this song cannot give us better ? Just say one name: William Orbit.

There are several starting roots of electronic music, the English producer is part of this world, of an era that has taught everything at the current EDM and will continue to teach. Author of many hits in England and beyond, record producer of thickness for artists like Madonna, All Saints, Pink, Robbie Williams and we could go on forever, creator of successful soundtracks, winner of several Grammy Awards and many other awards, William recognized as one of the pillars of electronic music. But the total symbol of his career for trance music fans, he churns it out in 1999: “Barber’s Adagio For Strings” enters the story by right to be followed by infinite inspirations, including the cult cover of Tiesto and remix of Ferry Corsten.

So now he has decided to get his hands on an already perfect melody by Above & Beyond to try at 66 years old to write his name in the Anjunabeats catalogs, he will succeed and will do it in an amazing way.

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