Tiёsto releases a remix giving us a return to trance music

The icon of music from Breda works on a track by Swedish House Mafia and creates something that trance music fans have been waiting for for a long time

We are at the beginning of 2010, Kaleidoscope is Tiёsto‘s fourth album released a few months earlier, it still contains many flashes of trance but it will mark the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

Everything that happened in the following years was most likely the choice to follow the musical trend of the moment, the different phenomena of EDM, minimal, new techno and progressive house have been its center for some time now musical, the Tiesto brand that was abandoning the trance scene resonated relentlessly in the electronic music scenarios of that period with a top-level career: one of the founders of this genre with epic songs and remixes, the first trance DJ to most likely bring 10 thousand people indoors for a performance of its own… a perfect and ripe profile for new musical experiments. In fact, as hoped, the Dutch producer has written a lot for various authors and producers over the last 15 years, has created great classics in the pop, techno and house fields and on the threshold of his 50s has a musical baggage full of satisfactions.

We have always maintained that those who create masterpieces, with their own technique and genius, can make a musical earthquake explode again at any moment. It’s 2020 and Tiesto is very, very close. However, the genre is progressive trance, very progressive. VER:WEST is his idea, a half-return but it’s still very far from what people want.

He creates two songs under this new alias, they really bring a lot to the disco but something is still missing.
At the last Tomorrowland our attention focuses on his rework of a historical song, we are talking about The First Rebirth by Jones & Stephenson, it is a centrifuge with a deadly refrain, we are really very close to what everyone is waiting for.

The moment seems to be the right one, now absolutely all producers, both house and trance, are trying techno experiments, the live music of most DJs includes playlists where practically every genre is played, at least in the last two years then it has become popular again fashionable to propose and compose massive techno songs, the old hard trance, for the more refined.

It’s October 6, 2023, the unthinkable happens: the remix of Ray Of Solar, a track by the Swedish House Mafia trio, is published, you immediately think of something of its current genre, a lot of progressive, big drum with very open pads… and but no. Tiёsto gives us a gift, a great gift.
This reworking is something very simple, because it does not take the producer back to 2009 but even to the early 2000s.

There is real trance here, without discussions this time, this is a pure journey, with a well defined pad, a rising break and a restart.

It is the return of Tiёsto, of DJ Tiёsto. We definitely hope.

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