Giuseppe Ottaviani lands on Anjunabeats !

For the first time, the Italian DJ and producer releases a track on the well-known London label

It’s a moment in which Paavo, Jono and Tony – Above & Beyond, seem to be experimenting with an approach to the world of uplifting trance: a bit like returning to their musical origins, we saw them in fact last September 15th as guests of an unreleased Future Sound Of Egypt 800 under the pyramids of Egypt together with Aly & Fila, Das Pharaoh, Paul Thomas, Ahmed Romel b2b Philippe El Sisi and Omar Sherif: a trance event that will undoubtedly remain in history precisely for what until now appears to be an unlikely match of music sounds and discographic worlds that are only apparently distant.

Similarly in recent days, the Italian DJ and producer Giuseppe Ottaviani had announced with a post on social media the arrival of a new track on Anjunabeats label: it’s the first time that Ottaviani – among the most prolific uplifting trance producers of the last fifteen years on Blackhole Recordings and Armada Music – he releases a track on the legendary Above & Beyond’s label.

The confirmation arrived today and the track, out next Friday, will see the participation of the duo Alex Sonata & The Rio (and Tishmal), who have already been part of the ‘Anjunafamily’ for some time:

“I’ve been following Alex Sonata and TheRio for quite a while now, I love their distinctive sound and I knew we would end up making something great together at some point.” – Giuseppe Ottaviani

“Riccardo had this track title in mind since day one of this production, he’s a huge fan of The Legend Of Zelda and they were just about to release ‘Tears Of The Kingdom’. We’d already previously used a title from Zelda for one of our last tracks, ‘Breath Of The Wild’. We actually all loved the title so we went ahead with it.” – Alex Sonata & TheRio

This collaboration, further broadens the musical horizons of the Italian producer, who already with his latest Horizons trilogy released in 2022 has aimed to make us savor not only his unmistakable uplifting world but also his progressive; in any case, in these first seconds of the preview you can clearly perceive the remarkable dark-progressive sounds of the Italian-Scottish duo.

Tears Of The Kingdom by Giuseppe Ottaviani, Alex Sonata & The Rio feat. Tishmal will be released on next Friday 29 September on Anjunabeats.

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