ATB signs the new Dreamstate anthem

The German mainstay of trance music brings a powerful bassline to the event

The recent story of trance music is full of many musical returns, of various artists who have decided to produce something else and return to the genre of the past or of old glories who have decided to take a musical break and then return to high levels. The synthesis of this speech is undoubtedly the current musical career of André Tanneberger, ATB.

The generation that this author lived in undoubtedly remained with its memory and ears more than twenty years ago. The musical consecration of ATB passes through his arpeggio guitar who wrote some of the best tracks of this genre, in a period, starting from 1998, which merged between commercial trance and dance, 9 P.M., The Summer, Let U Go etc. they dominated the charts and easily inserted themselves into refined club contexts as well as into the European TV schedules. Each song from that period written by ATB is a soundtrack that is still current and studied for various covers by current producers. The evolution of electronic genres then led the author in the second decade of the 2000s to change perspective but always to produce under his Kontor Recordings label, Distant Earth was in fact the last important work still combined with his musical currents but with ambient and downtempo experiments.

There will be two more works, Contact in 2014 and neXt in 2017, albums really full of songs with a huge list of important collaborations, he will return to appear on Armada together with Andrew Rayel with Connected while never losing those sounds linked to trance in years that are divided between pop/dance and ambient settings.

Then, the surprise you don’t expect, that of an anthem, not just any event, but the Dreamstate. Future City is the title of the new anthem of the popular trance festival in Poland, next April 6th at Arena Gliwice: tickets for the event still available here: Dreamstate Europe 2024 ATB’s return to a full-fledged trance sound is perfectly successful. We listen to an immediately performing and decisive musical structure, never abandoning its sound and its melodies, sinking into a powerful refrain and break.

Out on March 29th, this track represents something new for the German DJ after some time because it introduces him again into a context of true trance, different from then: Pre-save ATB – Future City (A Dreamstate Anthem)

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