New music, new tour: ‘Kinetic Cinema’ of Gabriel & Dresden !

Tickets are available for the new American tour which bears the name of the new track (out next April 10th) and the new EP (May 3rd)

Spring has arrived and there are so many new music coming, especially in forward of the summer, from many rising artists or pillars of trance and electronic music.

In this last case, it’s absolutely necessary to talk about Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden: in recent months, the Californian duo has become the protagonist of several Anjunabeats events, especially on American soil, in which, during their DJ sets, they experimented and fascinated the fans with a captivating mix of electronic-trance music, techno and with an outstretched hand to the nostalgic classic trance sound, musi field which they certainly have something to say about !

Officially, the last two releases of Gabriel & Dresden were Bias in 2022 and the crackling collaboration with Andrew Bayer and SubTeal, Other Eye, released in August 2023.

The new music played in recent months, however, is ready to be released and the duo recently announced the release of a new track on April 10th, which will be part of a new EP of four instrumental tracks that will be released on May 3rd which bring both the name of Kinetic Cinema on Anjunabeats label: the preview seems to recall their electronic trance sound that made them famous in the history of trance:

To celebrate the release of the EP, Gabriel & Dresden have announced the start of a tour on May 17th which will touch many US cities until at least July 28th: tickets for the Kinetic Cinema EP Tour are on sale from yesterday on their official website Gabriel & Dresden.

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