Andy Duguid feat. Jaren – 7even

Andy Duguid, on this track, said:

“As many of you know now, this song was inspired by the life of a little girl called Olivia Downie. I did not know Olivia like some articles have speculated but I was touched by her story as were many here in the North East of Scotland. At a young age Olivia was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Over the years us local’s helped raise funds to help and send Olivia to Germany and Mexico to try alternate treatment when the UK’s hospitals could do nothing. It was whilst in Mexico she turned very ill and needed an air ambulance home. Within 5 days £150,000 was raised to bring her home where, sadly, she passed away age seven.

On the day she died, I sat down in the studio to make a new track for the album. She was constantly in my thoughts, probably as I to had lost family due to Cancer. I started playing the keys of the piano very softly and childlike, almost as if like a child was playing. The music just fell together very easily and the inspiration just flowed. I contacted Jaren for the vocals and explained the story behind the track and she to embraced the story. I think she nailed the essence of the track. I’m very proud of her !”

Listen to this wonderful song, then:

Andy Duguid feat. Jaren – 7even

Magic Muzik


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