Pino D’Angiò, co-author of legendary ‘The Age Of Love’, has died today

He was, together with Bruno Sanchioni, the author of one of the most famous trance records of all time

Giuseppe Chierchia, Italian author and composer famous as Pino D’Angiò, author of some famous hits in the 80s but, in the trance music scene, co-producer together with Bruno Sanchioni of the Age Of Love project, died today at the age of 71 .

Age Of Love – The Age Of Love is considered the first global trance success: released in 1990, it opened the doors to the melodic sound in the techno music sound, influencing the subsequent style of the genre which transformed into the dreamy and hypnotic trance that we still dance to today.

Best known for Jam & Spoon’s remix Watch Out For Stella Club Mix of 1992, has been remixed by several trance legends, including Paul van Dyk and Cosmic Gate and it has risen again to prominence in recent years thanks to Charlotte de Witte and Enrico San Giuliano’s massive remix, released in 2021.

Age Of Love – The Age Of Love is one of the most famous and iconic trance music records of all time.

We will never be grateful enough for this gift, Pino.

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