The new adventure of Paul Oakenfold : Stonehenge !

Paul Oakenfold continues to be the undisputed king of trance music and more .
Producer for his fabulous songs and for many other world-famous artists even outside the electronic landscape … a character at 360 degrees .
In his curriculum he also boasts a series of very special and special performances, in fact after having toured the world dozens of times, he had the opportunity to play first at the Great Wall of China and , after a 10-day expedition, last year , the feat of playing on a Everest base camp!



But it is in September this year that the last hallucinatory exhibition is scheduled … Paul will indeed play at Stonehenge! First ever artist to perform among the famous megaliths, Oakenfold will involve only 50 spectators, present by invitation, and will record the event for a new album called “Live at Stonehenge”.

The project was conceived by Alon Shulman, with the will to follow this event with a series of unique concerts in the coming years, in some kind of other fabulous places. “The special relationships and long-term vision of Alon make the impossible possible,” commented Oakenfold, “We will soon be announcing our programs using amazing locations and supporting great artists and new music.”

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