“Blah Blah Blah” will rewrite the story ?

Who is learning about Trance History , will probably have realized that one of our passions are numbers … the numbers that have generated important statistics in the past and that will continue to do so in the future .

Precisely for this reason, in the last period our eyes focused on what will probably be consecrated as the success trance (and not only) this year .



“Blah Blah Blah” has become in a very short time a “multiform” piece … we already knew that one of Armin Van Buuren‘s goals for success is to produce at least once a year, a job that can easily fit into other areas too , like the EDM in order to attract an even different and much larger electronic public. With the latest “fashion” of the psy the Dutch genius has built a virtually perfect work: a powerful base with simple sounds and a catchy and catchy vocal in restart !

The refrain is driving both the global electronic public and the DJs crazy … it’s not difficult to find this song in the playlist of house and techno selectors … it’s practically played at any global electronic festival !

Then, the thing even more that surprised us … the song released in the middle of May this year, is still incredibly in the highest positions of the major rankings of music downloads .
Even on Beatport for example, after dominating in first place for weeks, he remained immobile in fourth position for a long time and today is again on the podium in second place ! (in current rankings Armin dominates with “United” in first place and “Our Origin” in the top ten !) .
For those who love the statistics these current results are very important because few tracks in the history of trance music can remain for a long time in the highest positions !

We still do not know what this 2018 will give us in terms of musical releases, but what we can say from lovers of the trance genre is that this piece of the dutch giant is trying to write a piece of history, the basics are there but it is still early enough .

The sensations , however , make us think that most likely the DJ will rise again in the rankings in the DjMag , supported this time, really from half the music world !

Does Armin Van Buuren really want to dominate the world again ?

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