Hard Trance music returns with Armin van Buuren and W&W for “Ready To Rave” !

The Trance sound from Holland never ceases to amaze us !


Armin van Buuren and W&W have already collaborated for tunes of various styles, from progressive house to trance (“D # Fat” of 2013 and “If It Is not Dutch” three years ago): but it’s of today the news of a really unexpected release: “Ready To Rave” is a track with a sound typical of the hard trance of the end of last millennium and early 2000s !

The song was played already in the spring in the Dutch duo’s lives but the author remained unknown and today the incredible news, the music video was published a few hours ago:

At first listening to us he remembered a lot of the massive sounds of the first tracks from Cosmic Gate (“Fire Wire” of 2001, for example) or even of the DuMonde !

As for Armin van Buuren it seems now confirmed the tendency in his now legendary career to explore a large part of genres close to Trance, also confirmed in general by many artists who now have more close to their songs the old style of the Trance music, as it is for some years the return of Psy-Trance in the most famous mainrooms of this genre.



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