Gareth Emery and Emma Hewitt come back together for a stellar single !

A wonderful collaboration closes another year of monstrous trance music .

This 2018 has given us endless emotions , with great collaborations , news and important returns . It was missing among the many names, one fundamental … and here it is: Gareth Emery !

English is an institution of electronic music worldwide , creating an empire with a style that is always very personal , there is no piece of music that is not high in the musical charts , last year “Saving Light” in collaboration with Ian Standerwick and HALIENE was voted as the best musical trance work of the year .

In his latest single, Emery recalled Emma Hewitt , one of the most important voices on the scene, “Take Everything” has been presented these days but will certainly be successful during the next year . 



The song has all the characteristics that reflect the work of this producer, a progressive setting accompanies a very melodic beat along with the vocal, the refrain is always catchy and catchy ! It ‘a new beautiful melody that we will not tire of listening, guaranteed !

Outbound on Garuda from December 14th .



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