New big works coming for Ilan Bluestone

The british producer it is in a very high form state between future album and new tour .

He has been Anjunabeats‘ point of reference for years , a real musical guarantee, his final affirmation took place last year with “Scars”, his first album, a jewel that has really extracted so many singles with different collaborations and even a remix version of the same album worked by different producers . The maturation of Ilan Bluestone is probably in his style , which is never a true point of reference, a progressive mix, tech, synth-pop combined with important vocal, but his best gives it also in his reworkings , in his remixes really exciting in the last period !



The 2019 for the dj born in London is a very challenging journey : the world tour announced last month, “We Are The Universe World Tour” which perhaps also announces the title of a near future work ,tour started last February 22 with continuously updated dates (for now until the end of June) .



As for his musical productions instead, after making us crazy with “Mama Africa” ,  a new double single was announced today, both of which will be part of the first “We Are The Universe EP” coming soon: “Hong Kong / Steeder “, two bombs heard in preview at the ABGT300 . It is a bit early to finally understand the genre of this new work , but the musical quality has increased a lot for Ilan Bluestone … but we expect for the coming months an official announcement for the new album, only the second , of his stellar trance career !

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