“There’s Only You” completes the latest Above & Beyond’s masterpiece today !

A new precious work by Above & Beyond that really excites us !


The last track that completes the “Common Ground Companion EP” that follows the “Common Ground” album of last year by Above & Beyond is out today: the voice of Zoë Johnston returns for “There’s Only You“, a magnificent song presented for the first time during ABGT300 event in Hong Kong last September which further amplifies the features of the last vocal tracks of the English trio, a melancholy song but with a growing and unexpected beat in the refrain that involves as few in recent years, in our opinion one of the most beautiful and exciting songs ever by Above & Beyond and a candidate to become one of the leading trance pieces of this 2019.



The other two tracks instead we have had the opportunity to appreciate them recently: with “Distorted Truth” Above & Beyond reminded us of their purely Trance vein, an instrumental track with a massive sound that beats on the track without mercy !


Flying By Candlelight” instead saw the return of Marty Longstaff to microphones (after “Tightrope“) with a powerful and well-built vocal track that well traces the progressive trance sound characteristic of the recent tracks by Above & Beyond. Get into your ears immediately and you can’t miss it !

In short, it now seems really difficult to counter the undisputed domination of the trio made in the UK with these numerous releases that, at almost twenty years of career, confirm a path made of Trance and Progressive Trance of quality and that continues to make us dream.

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