The immortals 4 Strings announce a great return

Carlo Resoort and Jan De Vos are happy to announce the participation of an old acquaintance for their new record single : Susanne Teutenberg .


They made history, they are still the history of trance music , songs like “Turn It Around” , “Take Me Away”, “Let It Rain” we have listened to them many times and are incomparable masterpieces . But who is hiding , besides the Dutch duo , behind these projects ? Susanne Teutenberg , who thanks to her voice and her ideas, brought the 4 Strings to the top of the charts years ago .

The career of Carlo and Jan has always been continuous and full of productions , at the end of the last decade they have worked at “low rhythms” , without shining particularly, but always present in the major charts, a clear sign that this is their passion ever since .




2016 is the year of the real revival , several songs are released on Raz Nitzan Music and the following year they come with a new album 11 years after the last one , “Sunset Aftermath” is one of those surprises year . Meanwhile , in addition to the well-known Liquid Recordings , Carlo Resoort founded a label in his name and made his debut last month with two interesting new singles, one of these in collaboration with Neev Kennedy ; today’s surprise is the announcement of the return for a collaboration with Susanne Teutenberg, “A Brand New Day” is a song that takes us back with the mind … the big pad and the sound of 4 Strings remain unchanged and it is a work with epic features !

The historic vocalist yesterday announced the release on his Facebook profile of this song making a small story of his career that made her famous … we hope it’s just the first of many new collaborations ! 

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