The epic “La Résistance De L’ Amour” by Armin van Buuren and Shapov contained in the “Trilogy EP”

The Dutch giant and the Russian producer announce what will surely become one of the hymns of the year.




Last year it was explosive for Russian DJ Alexander Vladimirovich Shapovalov aka Shapov ! His short career was born with progressive house productions and interesting collaborations, he immediately showed himself a musical talent out of the ordinary and immediately started a winning collaboration with Armin van Buuren first with “The Last Dancer”, a catchphrase for a long period of live performances by the king of trance, and later with ” Our Origin”, another exciting symphony.

Recently, at the last ASOT 900 in Utrecht , the Dutch surprised us with a memorable intro: “La Résistance De L’ Amour” is the new masterpiece of this new duo. It is an instrumental work with epic sounds, interrupted by a brief “sensual” message in French language, with an exhilarating progressive departure and a memorable euphoric refrain, which will definitely consecrate this project.



Officially presented tonight during episode 909 of A State Of Trance, this song is contained in the “Trilogy EP” to be released tomorrow, 12 April 2019, which contains the three tracks of this formidable trance collaboration. 


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