“1997” is the new formidable track of Ferry Corsten and BT

The first real collaboration between these two musical giants brings us back a little back in memory.

This golden age of Ferry Corsten characterized by memorable Gouryella releases and the development of the “UNITY” project, is ready to give us a new new musical bomb.  “1997” is the title of the new single together with BT, despite the fact that these two producers have more than twenty years of music behind them, there have been few past collaborations. 



The presentation of this preview posted by both Brian and Ferry is fantastic and curious: a classic compact-disc with a title written in felt pen like it was once. 

The contained in these few preview seconds is masterful, a melodic progression that is the fusion of two old styles.

The release date is this Friday, we post link for the pre-order .

Enjoy !

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