Gaia’s first album ready to debut !

After a long wait, the first album by the Dutch duo formed by Armin Van Buuren and Benno De Goeij is ready.

The rumors about the release of Gaia‘s first album date back at least to last year and even Trance History started talking about it some time ago. Moreover, it was time for such an epic project to launch its first collection.



Recently it was the king of trance, AvB who announced the imminent release of this work via social media … although very little is known about this event. “Moons of Jupiter” is the chosen title that accompanies the musical preview posted by the dj, a very melodic progressive break. Still a bit of waiting that will accompany the release of the next single and we will understand if in this album there will be also the songs that made us dream until now or it will be a totally new tracklist.

Further updates coming soon !!!

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