Gareth Emery’s forthcoming album ready for the new year

Gareth Emery more and more an icon for the trance genre, announces that his new album is almost ready.


The British DJ and producer intends to reach again the highest peaks of the trance music scene, as he has already demonstrated several times in recent years, with successful singles such asConcrete Angel” (feat. Christina Novelli), “U” ( feat. Bo Bruce) and “Saving Light” (feat. HALIENE), all consecrated “Tune Of The Year” in the famous radioshow by Armin van Buuren “A State Of Trance”.

Through his social media channels, Gareth Emery announced to his fans that the fourth studio album is almost ready and will arrive in 2020, in a few months:




Few doubts about what we expect from him: “Northern Lights”, “Drive” and “100 Reasons To Live” were three excellent trance albums, with the touch of progressive and pop which has always been appreciated both fans of purest trance and lovers of dance music more commercial.

Gareth Emery in recent months, besides having been busy with his incredible show “Laserface” – to which he dedicated a series of tracks, “Laserface 01 (Aperture)” “Laserface 02 (Thoughts In Pieces)” and “Laserface 03 ( Leaving You)” – came out with another album, written with his friend Ashley Wallbridge Kingdom United” from which the excellents “Lionheart” (with PollyAnna), “Never Before” (with Jonathan Mendelsohn) and the namesake were extracted, wonderful “Kingdom United”.

You can see and hear these and other wonderful tracks in one of his latest Laserface event, at the Amnesia in Ibiza:



No need for words, so we look forward to it !


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