Paul van Dyk drop new single from new album

The german DJ and producer announces the release of the first official single of the upcoming album “Guiding Light” to be released in 2020.

We have already seen how Paul van Dyk is one of the most busy producers in recent times to show new things to fans, the announcement of his 11th album is a demonstration of how the musical passion is still very active for the Berlin pioneer.

From this new work that will be officially released in a few months, Paul announced today the first single extract. 



“Parallel Dimension” is a production written in collaboration with Elated, a young Canadian producer who ranges from uplifting trance to progressive house, the result is a conception of great melodies that does not betray the famous 00s’ beat, again proposed and brand of factory of this trance reborn for PvD.The song was previewed by the same VANDIT records founder in the last VONYC Sessions 679 and is coming out this wednesday.

New album and megatour just started, there are all the ingredients to do well next year and to reconfirm once again as among the best. 




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