Alex Bartlett & Dj Air vs. Ticienne – Amnesia

“Amnesia” is probably the best-known song by Fabio Carrara’s alias: Alex Bartlett. The song was born in late 2001 and is a work in collaboration with DJ Air, a hardtrance producer who is HE also Italian and will continue to work with Fabio on other musical works. The success of this work will be worldwide and will coincide with the golden years of trance music, the track will be consecrated as one of the iconic pieces of this musical genre. The style, the sounds and the voice will involve a lot of other producers for the realization of different remixes, in particular we remember those of Push and Green Court. Fabio leaves trance music lovers with a huge repertoire. REST IN PEACE.

_______________track_Alex Bartlett & Dj Air vs. Ticienne – Amnesia__

_____________________________label_Air Music__



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