Jorn van Deynhoven talks about his first album

After a dark period linked to a serious health problem, Jorn is ready to announce his first record album

It is a strange effect to know that an artist like Jorn van Deynhoven, now over 40 years of age, is only publishing his first album now. Yes, because beyond the serious heart problems that have affected him in the last period (where he seriously risked his life) his fame have “unfairly” exploded late, the JvD name is very recent and has just passed the decade, but his first appearances are early 2000 with alter egos such as Mr. Phillips.  Mainly linked to the Armada group and in particular to A State Of Trance, its gallery of musical productions is the philosophy of a hard and melodic uplifting trance at the same time. Probably his best repertoire regards his remixes which in some successes have distorted the original songs in a very positive way. In recent years, the frequency of his works has increased more and more, as has his success which has often seen him among the protagonists of A State Of Trance music events and in fact it is “New Horizons”, the anthem of the ASOT 650 to consecrate him in a final. His presence is also confirmed at the ASOT 950 in just under two weeks in Utrecht !



As we have unfortunately just said, Jorn’s last year has been very difficult in terms of health, severe surgery has brought him back to life and the long period of rehabilitation has served as inspiration for the creation of his new work. “The Future Is Now” is therefore the title of the album to be released on March 27 and which will contain, in addition to singles already released, new expected music tracks in collaboration with the voices of Christina Novelli, Clara Yates, Shannon Hurley, Sue McLaren and Seri for a total of 15 frightening hymns.

We just have to wait for the release of this highly anticipated work that will mark the total rebirth as a man and as a producer of Jorn van Deynhoven.

Pre-order “Jorn van Deynhoven – The Future Is Now”


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