For Above & Beyond it’s time for Acoustic III

The third installment of the acoustic concert series will begin in April and cross England and America


Among the many projects implemented by the London trio, the choice to reproduce their songs in a more acoustic and classic style was very successful in the first edition of 2014 and subsequently two years later it was repeated with the same enthusiasm.  In recent years the idea has been temporarily shelved a bit due to the release of important albums, new tours and projects (like the same “Flow State”, another philosophy studied to perfection), but today a new reworking of the latest music tracks Above & Beyond is ready to leave together with a tour that will only touch London initially on April 24 in 3 dates and then continue its tour in North America.



“Acoustic III” will feature completely new arrangements of some of the biggest hits from Above & Beyond’s “Common Ground”, including Northern Soul, My Own Hymn and Happiness Amplified, plus reinterpretations of 2019 club singles ‘There’s Only You’ and ‘Waltz’.

The release of the album is scheduled for summer on Anjunabeats, in the meantime you can listen to a preview of “Flying By Candlelight (Acoustic)” on the official website.


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