Charlotte de Witte detonates “Hold That Sucker Down” !

The recent “explosion” of pure techno, reminiscent of the sound of the late 90s, finally joins the trance thanks to a massive remix by Charlotte de Witte.


During the famous Armin van Buuren warm-up in Utrecht for A State Of Trance 950 “Let The Music Guide You”  last February, the Dutch legend played a sequence of classic trance tracks remixed in new versions: among these, a new remix of “Hold That Sucker Down”  by Jerome Isma-Ae of 2009. (in turn cover version on the hit by The OT Quartet from 1994.)



The remix is ​​the work of a young Belgian artist very famous in techno environments for several years but who chose the song to mix some sounds straddling its genre and the psychedelic trance: Charlotte de Witte then gives us a breathtaking, powerful remix, who can be recognized immediately.



The single just came out last Friday on the Armada label, and is also composed of another version more techno “Rave Remix”

The captivating sound of this track already seems to sneak into trance and techno environments of any level, as is already happening in recent years in many festivals thanks to young artists, with the happy rediscovery of a pure techno sound that we hope we can all dance together soon !

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