Darren Tate and Lustral get back together for “On My Own”.

Six years after the last single, the Lustral project by the british Ricky Simmons and Steve Jones returns with a new track together Darren Tate.


Ricky Simmons and Steve Jones certainly need no introduction into the world of trance music: their various aliases Chakra, The Space Brothers, Ascension and other parallel projects have been a happy island for fans of the genre since twenthy five years.

From some days, on social channels, the announcement of the return of their Lustral project with the tireless Darren Tate (DT8 Project alias in this case) with a new single “On My Own”.



This track, out tomorrow 1 May, with an announcement trailer, already promises progressive-trance dreamy sounds: remembering the glories of the past of Lustral and DT8, we are sure that “On My Own” will be one of the most promising tunes of this moment.


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