Armin and Ferry, new collaboration insight ?

On Ferry Corsten social pages, a new proposal appears that drives fans crazy.


We know, this is a period of quarantine where the imagination can reach very high peaks, is what Ferry Corsten thought today by publishing a very nostalgic #tbt on its social pages, inciting its fans with a very provocative question about the idea of a new collaboration together with Armin van Buuren.



As we know the understanding between the two producers is a very old story, the beginning dates back to almost 20 years ago with a historical song like “Exhale”, which was the baptism at the beginning of the success for both dutch talents. Subsequently, after exactly a decade, in 2011 they officially return to the studio to create “Brute”, a truly devastating catchphrase of a period at that very special moment for Armin at the top of the world rankings.

And today this question by the DJ of Rotterdam, a question that we trust already hides a background of truth, perhaps of an idea that has already started and to be made official only, in the curiosity of a new special work between the two where now the musical styles have taken with time a slightly different philosophy.

Ferry and Armin … update soon !



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