The “kaleidoscopic” BT announces new music coming soon

One of the pioneers of the electronic trance of the 90s seems full of energy and ready to publish new songs in the next days


In recent days he has released the double single “The War” (with Iraina Mancini) / “1AM in Paris” (with Matt Fax), the first one is a breakbeat-pop song and the second a track between progressive trance and the progressive house sound: we are obviously talking about BT.



With Matt Fax, BT had already collaborated recently for “The Noetic” in 2018 and for “Artificial”, present in the Matt Fax’s album “Progression”.

At the end of last year he had sweetened us with the two ambient albums “Between Here And You” and “Everything You’re Searching For Is On The Other Side Of Fear” and, after a relative pause, he returned massively into the world of trance music with the beautiful collaborations with Markus Schulz for “I Need Love” (as singer) and with Ferry Corsten, with whom he signed “1997”, for his collaborative project entitled “UNITY”. Finally, just at the beginning of 2020, he gave us his “Atari’s Lantern”, a trance song where has been highlighted the electronic music elements present in many of his productions for over twenty five years.

Brian Wayne Transeau, via social channels, invited fans to collaborate for a remix of his The War”  but in the meantime has announced the arrival of new music, with a short sample from which it seems to scrutinize the voice of a famous female vocalist trance: could a new trance album be coming for the dj and historic US producer ?



His last purely trance studio album dates back to 2013, with “A Song Across Wires” from which the famous “Skylarking” and “Must Be The Love” were extracted.

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