Leon Bolier reappears on trance stage

After some time, Leon Bolier returns with a breathtaking trance track and probably other good intentions …


In these days many interesting news are coming from Holland, the one that is most arousing is undoubtedly Tiesto’s new approach to his old trance sounds. But before this sudden news, there had been talk for a few weeks of a new project by a producer who, up to a decade ago, was warming the dance floors with his own musical works: we are talking about Leon Bolier.

The dutch producer at the end of the first decade of the new millennium stood out in terms of productions, his very melodic and personal refrains dragged the audience and it is difficult not to remember among his many releases, the motif of “Ocean Drive Boulevard” , a true hymn of Leon recognition.

His productions also born from many collaborations with artists on the same musical wavelength such as Sied van Riel, Menno de Jong and Marcus Schossow and change for a long time direction towards tech trance and progressive house, Bolier begins to publish for Spinnin’ Records and its pumping trance style is put in the drawer.

But for some weeks the voices of an album and the return to his trance with a spectacular track that completely resumes his style that made us crazy. “Perpetual” is a hymn almost to be sung, a powerful beat accompanies a simple but impactful melody that will set the floor on fire during the live performances. Released on Flashover Recordings gives us hope for a reappearance of the definitive trance.


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