Cosmic Gate will light up “The Temple House” in Miami with a double super event !

The German duo reunites live after many months, recording an impressive live streaming event in the prestigious “The Temple House” in Miami


The chronicles of the last six months for the world of music have undoubtedly been the richest in doubts, anxieties but also in inventiveness and new creations: we have all seen at least one home DJ set in recent times and the attention is undoubtedly focused on what it can happen next year.

Meanwhile, for the “big” events, some pillars of trance are starting to launch new ideas for live streaming festivals that are becoming more and more engaging: after the announcement of the ABGT400 of Above & Beyond from the River Thames on Saturday 26th September, Cosmic Gate has decided to give us a different live than usual:



Nic and Bossi, after six months, reunite for a double live, recorded at the digital dream factory in Miami “The Temple House”, on October 3rd and 17th.

As with the festivals we were used to until recently, you can buy the ticket online for an exclusive preview at ://

To be expected an event outside the box : The Temple House in Miami is in fact famous for its incredible and bright 360-degree scenographies that will project fans who will attend the virtual event really close to the legendary German duo: we are already there, and you ?!

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