Armin van Buuren and AVIRA launch the attractive “Mask EP”

The new collaboration between the legendary Dutch producer and AVIRA is consecrated with the release of an EP


    It’s in the style of Armin van Buuren to collaborate with one or more emerging artists for some time: it happened with Orjan Nilsen, with Andrew Rayel and just last year with Shapov, to name a few.

This year, in the wake of a “dark” progressive-trance, the Dutch DJ and producer highlighted Assaf’s artistic skills but known with the alias AVIRA: first with “Hollow” (one of the best songs of this 2020, in our opinion, with Be No Rain) and a few weeks ago with Illusion”. Lastly, for this Friday, the duo announced the release of an EP called “Mask”, containing, in addition to these two tracks, a new record with the same title (sung by Sam Martin) and which was played for the first time during the digital edition of Tomorrowland last July into Armin van Buuren’s set, as the opening track.  


Maybe, it’s a coincidence that the title recalls an object very popular in this historical moment, but the fascinating and epic atmospheres of this track in any case leave listeners ample room for ideas about the future of music.  


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