Exciting journey through “20 Years Of Anjunabeats” in Above & Beyond’s ABGT400 !

Above & Beyond play away from the crowd, celebrating episode #400 of their radioshow with celebrated songs from their famous label



2020 is the year, for the English trio, of the twenty years of the foundation of their legendary record label Anjunabeats: the events of the world of recent months have wanted this event to be celebrated in a different way, far from the glow of the fans and the lights of the festival, but in any case this night was exciting to see, after more than six months, Paavo, Jono and Tony playing together again.

ABGT400, the annual event to celebrate the Above & Beyond‘s radioshow, welcomed this anniversary and, albeit in totally different ways due to this “crazy time”, the London trio, on a special boat, traveled the River Thames, skilfully juggling into deep – progressive – trance sound, all made in Anjunabeats during last 20 years.



It’s difficult to describe all the highlights of the liveshow, as all the historical tracks of the label represent something important: the most representative artists of Anjunabeats have played at least one of their songs during the 4 hours of DJ sets: between historical and some new songs, certainly expected from the new remix of Above & Beyond’s 2004 masterpiece “No One On Earth” (feat. Zoe JohnstonZoë Johnston) of the new gardenstate project (Marcus Schössow and Matthew Felner), played as a symbolic track of this event. Among the new songs, “Crash” by Above & Beyond which, as always, gives to fans of the legendary trio moments of high progressive-trance.

Bpm accelerating in the last half hour, with tracks from “golden age” of trance music and with some of the greatest historical hits of Above & Beyond.

The complete tracklist can obviously be found here: Above & Beyond @ ABGT 400 (20 Years Of Anjunabeats), River Thames London, United Kingdom 2020-09-26

To watch again the live, instead: https://www.twitch.tv/anjuna/video/752807352

After these beautiful emotions, we leave with the same wishes as Paavo, Jono and Tony:


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