4 Strings stand out again with their new album “A Brand New Day”

The Dutch duo, famous for some vocal historical trance tracks from the early 2000s, announce their new album

Carlo Resoort and Jan de Vos have unknowingly indelibly marked the history of trance music and it seems that for some time we have all the intention of taking over again the leadership of the music scene.

Even if times have changed and the mainstream requires more and more songs to be released, this does not mean that many artists have stopped producing quality music: in this context, 4 Strings are perfectly reflected, with numerous new tracks released that in recent months and which have given a name to the true historical voice of the group: Susanne Teutenberg.

With her, last year the 4 Strings produced the beautiful “A Brand New Day” and it will be this song that will give the title to the fifth studio album that the Dutch duo announced for release tomorrow, Friday 20th November.

Their last album was 2017’s “Sunset Aftermath”. Just a few days ago, 4 Strings and Susane Teutenberg had released the last single that strongly evokes their dreamy sound of the early 2000s, that is the energetic “Ocean Wave” that we can listen to here:

If you are reminded of the legendary “Take Me Away (Into The Night)” “Let It Rain” “Turn It Around” and many others, you are on the right track, it seems infact there are all ingredients to relive some trance feelings that Carlo Reesort and Jan de Vos have been able to give us over the past twenty years !

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