Chicane guest tonight on ASOT to celebrate the release of his new album

Nick invites us with “Everything We Had To Leave Behind” to moments of delightful progressive music

Awaited for many months, “Everything We Had To Leave Behind”, the new album by Nick Bracegirdle, will be released tomorrow, Friday 23 April. In fact, we already know a lot about this ninth studio album by the British DJ and producer as seven singles have been released since the end of last year (“Never Look Back”, “Everything We Had to Leave Behind” feat. Joseph Aquilina, which gives on the album the title, “8 (Circle)”, “Make You Stay”, “Hello Goodbye”, “1000 More Suns” feat. Joseph Aquilina and “Sailing”).

Chicane for “Everything We Had To Leave Behind” focuses his musical ideas on a genre between downtempo and progressive, which in turn brush trance or house atmospheres: you can recognize the relaxing and clean melodies heard even in the most remote past of his career, but with that slower sound that evokes the summers of the golden age of trance spent playing on the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean, without however re-entering them completely: in this “relaxation” we can also see the fact that the album was conceived in the silent mood of the pandemic lockdown.

However, we will have the opportunity to hear more tracks from the new album, before the releases tomorrow, during episode 1013 of A State Of Trance tonight where Nick will be a guest during the second hour of the Armin van Buuren radio show:

Waiting, here is the complete tracklist of the album out tomorrow:

Everything We Had To Leave Behind
8 (circle)
Never Look Back
Don’t Look Down
One Foot In The Past, One Foot In The Future
1000 More Suns
Make You Stay
Now Or Never
An Ocean Apart
Make You Stay (Back Pedal Brakes Remix)
Hello, Goodbye

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