Billy Gillies: the new icon of uplifting trance

The Northern Irish DJ is significantly raising his level of success with excellent releases

We have known for some time now that Futur Sound Of Egypt is believed to be one of the best, if not the best trance label for uplifting trance style, around. In recent years the most popular releases in the charts have been printed by the label of the famous Egyptian duo.

The ability of those who work behind these labels is also to recognize future talents and ensure their performance, something that FSOE decided to do last year with Billy Gillies, producer from Belfast and who already has several releases on Afterdark, his works at birth therefore tell us about a tough uplifting mixed with tech trance restarts. But it is from last year that the first release on his new label, “Closed Eyes” offers us new potential in the uplifting field with a remarkable euphoric melodic refrain.

The definitive turning point takes place with a remix of a historical track already difficult to rework, “Million Voices” which looks like a truly complete work as it proposes all the characteristics in the production field of Billy, a mighty break uplifting accompanies the vocal of Audrey Gallagher which again flows into an epic euphoric refrain. “Starlab” his latest work is the umpteenth confirmation of this winning musical idea.

This uplifting so enthralling and explosive and the precise and exciting care in the melodies has quickly attracted the trance fans who are waiting for its new success. Keep it up, Billy !

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