Above & Beyond reunite the Anjunafamily with a special tour in U.S.A.

The legendary trio intend not to wait a single second anymore and can’t wait to hug the fans again

It’s undeniable: Paavo, Tony and Jono can’t wait to play together again in the presence of their fans (their so-called Anjunafamily) and as if the double appointments in London for ABGT450 on 14 and 15 August were not enough, the two dates of 21 and 22 October at Red Rocks and those of 10 and 11 March 2022 in Amsterdam, the legendary trio yesterday announced the start of an tour during next fall in U.S.A. to celebrate the return to the stages: the “Anjunafamily Reunion Tour” !

The presales have already started this morning here: aboveandbeyond.nu/reunion.

However, Above & Beyond expect to be able to add more soon, including New York, which was, in 2014, the destination to celebrate the unforgettable ABGT100 at Madison Square Garden.

Of course, we are extremely curious to know all the new music that the trio has undoubtedly carefully “cooked” in all these months and ready to be unveiled shortly !

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