Gareth Emery releases today the beautiful record “Calling Home”

Southampton DJ and producer once again this year places yet another vocal trance bomb which will be talk about in this second part of the year

As in almost every trance year, that English genius of Gareth Emery churns out the track that is often and willingly destined to be candidated among the best trance tracks of the year (or actually the best, see in 2012 “Concrete Angel” with Christina Novelli, in 2014 with “U” feat. Bo Bruce and again in 2017 with “Saving Light” together with Ian Standerwick and HALIENE, all three tracks elected “Tune Of The Year” in A State Of Trance radioshow).

Last year, the moving “You’ll be OK” (feat. Annabel), written and recorded shortly before the terrible pandemic, ironically, has adapted well in the text to the world situation and has become somewhat of the trance track symbol of the pandemic, despite the fact that it was originally an autobiographical passage, as Gareth himself stated.

In the new “Calling Home”, released just today, we find the voice of Sarah de Warren, who already became the protagonist at the beginning of the year with Ashley Wallbridge for “World For You”: the track it’s accompanied by a music video recorded during the live in Las Vegas, the first after 18 months in front of a crowd and, says Gareth, it was the track played first in these months of virtual or crowd-free DJ sets.

Like many of his most famous hits, “Calling Home”, with this euphoric and rampant refrain that completely embraces the trance sound and at the same time also with that “pop” touch enough to conquer a wider audience, it will be destined to become one of the most love this year too.

The song is released on the new label “We’ll Be OK”.

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