Tiësto’s progressive alias VER:WEST is back on Friday with a new track

With a brief video on social media, the alias that takes his surname and which aroused curiosity a year ago, will see a second official release within this week

Exactly one year after the release of “5 Seconds Before Sunrise”, the trance legend of Breda (and then of the EDM) resumes his alias VER:WEST for a new track to be released next Friday.

“5 Seconds Before Sunrise”, with a evident reference in the title to his 2007 historical trance track “Ten Seconds Before Sunrise”, caused a sensation at its release a year ago for Tiësto‘s rapprochement with the progressive sound that gave hope for a nostalgia for his trance music past: this return to trance did not happen concretely but Tiësto, thanks also to the AFTR: HRS label he founded, has been continuously experimenting for about a year with a borderline sound between progressive trance and progressive house that we know to have an important influence on many productions of various artists in recent times.

The Dutch legend then let it be known that on Friday 16 July the second track with its alias will be released exactly one year after the previous track, entitled “Elements Of A New Life” which is again a clear reference to his old productions, in this case we are talking about the legendary “Elements Of Life”, track contained in the album of the same name, also from 2007.

As can be seen from this brief preview, this track confirms the progressive sound that is very close to the records of artists such as CamelPhat, Tinlicker, ARTBAT (with whom he played on last June 30th at the Exchange Los Angeles) and many others, probably with a more sustained rhythm than the previous one “5 Seconds Before Sunrise”.

And who knows if, going up with the sounds and the bpm, we find ourselves one day commenting on a trance track as many have dreamed for some time from him.

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