Above & Beyond are coming back together with Justine Suissa for “Almost Home”

A few weeks before their return to the stage for the ABGT450, Above & Beyond relaunch their collaboration with Justine Suissa

The first song ever that will be released in this 2021 for the legendary London trio comes almost ten months after their last publication and they do it by collaborating with one of the icons of their projects: with Justine Suissa in fact, Above & Beyond break this long period in which they have deliberately stopped publishing new tracks, if we exclude, however, a long series of remixes of their past tracks by various artists.

The title of this track, maybe, not a coincidence: a few months ago, we announced the return of Paavo, Jono and Tony together with Justine Suissa with a new track that was revealed in the announcement trailer of the ABGT450 in London, which will be held on next September 4th: “Almost Home”, maybe to indicate the homecoming of the artists on the stage and the fans, or rather, in this case, of the Anjunafamily under the stage, after this interminable period of absence due to the incredible tragedy of the pandemic.

Originally, the hypothesis was, until a few days ago, that the original alias of Above & Beyond with Justine Suissa, or OceanLab, was about to return, but evidently the trio decided to release without necessarily having to go back into the project.

In “Almost Home” we can finally return to hear the unmistakable voice of Justine Suissa, an icon and trademark, together with Zoë Johnston, of most of the Above & Beyond projects, responsible for many vocal trance masterpieces of the past: the new track seems to follow Above & Beyond’s recent “carefree” progressive trance sound: the last track released with Justine released was part of their latest album “Common Ground” and is from 2019, “Cold Feet”.

“Almost Home” will be released on Friday 20th August. Who knows if this is not the first track of the new Above & Beyond’s full-length ? In the meantime, we can’t wait to dance it next September 4th at The Drumsheds in London for ABGT450 !

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