Yet another massive collaboration of Christina Novelli and Richard Durand !

Once again the studio work between the Dutch producer and the English voice is rewarded by a great production

In the musical field, being able for a producer to do better than a previous song is always very difficult. However, it is even more difficult to be able to repeat a good collaboration, almost impossible to replicate it a third time … but no. In fact, everything becomes easier if we talk about Richard Durand and Christina Novelli who, after two fabulous successes, have once again bet on their skills together to create My Guiding Light, released today:

Defining Richard Durand of recent times means underlining a profound musical change that has extended from appreciable progressive / tech to a sudden revival of pure, mature but above all epic trance. Too simple to speak only of ASOT‘s Tune Of The Year (The Air I Breathe, 2018) or the excellent replica like Save You, the new track in collaboration with Christina Novelli, not only for the vocal part, imposes a massive beat close to splendid vocal breaks but, its strong point, the construction through giant emotional arpeggios.

This is now the new face of the Dutchman that it is important to define the backbone of this genre in the short term, his talent is very appreciable also and above all in remixes such as the last In My Heart by D72, OBM Notion & That Girl always imposing a high regimen of bass and powerful choruses.

All these characteristics can be found in their latest song, played in the last episode of ASOT 1033, Novelli further puts the vocal signature with a truly heartbreaking pause. The top of the final standings this year is really difficult to climb … but we are sure that fans will appreciate this collaboration again.

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